Can I Get Boiler Cover For An Old Boiler?

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April 9, 2024

Homeowner getting boiler cover

Every domestic home is currently under great pressure to reduce costs and manage energy usage, and while the price cap of utility bills may finally be starting to level out, the general cost of living is still prohibitive for many families and we still need to watch every penny.

Added to this, we have grave concerns over our personal climate impact and are committed to doing everything we can to reduce this. This includes upgrading to a new boiler with better fuel efficiency, but if the cost is a barrier, can we still live with an old boiler? And can we get an emergency cover plan for an old boiler? This article is designed to compare the costs and practicalities of keeping an old boiler or upgrading to a new one.

Emergency cover for an old boiler

The answer is yes, you can agree a cover plan for an old boiler, and frankly, it’s probably essential that you do. A good boiler should last at least up to about 25 years, so an old boiler has done a lot of work in its time creating heating and hot water for your home, and even if it is well serviced and maintained, some of the parts will be reaching the end of their useful life and you are more susceptible to inconvenient breakdowns.

Agreeing an emergency cover plan for an old boiler means you have dedicated cover on a 24/7 basis, so your family won’t have to suffer extended periods without heat and hot water.  It also means you have peace of mind that skilled and qualified engineers are just a phone call away and with access to the spare parts and expertise that will soon have you warm and comfortable again. However, in the long run, upgrading to a new boiler is a more cost-effective decision.

How a new boiler will save you money

Most modern boilers are what are known as combi boilers, which means they are a compact single unit which produces both hot water and heating, and there is no requirement for a separate water tank to store hot water. The water is also taken direct from the mains supply, so this is already a more efficient means of heating, storing and distributing water than older boilers which required a separate tank.

Modern boilers convert energy into heat much quicker and using much less energy, purely due to the engineering and design progression that has taken place in recent years. In 2009 the European Union introduced the ErP (energy-related products) ratings, which were designed to create uniformity and clarity when reporting comparison information for heating appliances. This scheme introduced ratings which scored the efficiency of appliances from A to G. An A rating could mean an energy efficiency of 90%, while G could be around 65%. There is a direct correlation between the age of a boiler and how efficient it is, and so an older boiler of 20 + years is likely to be rated G with an efficiency around 65%. So even if an old boiler is still operational, it will be costing you more money on a daily basis and is much more likely to cause you breakdown issues.

The benefits of investing in a new boiler

So yes, you can agree an emergency cover plan for an old boiler, but you will be saving more money on your energy bills long term if you invest in a new boiler. You will be benefitting from new energy-efficient technology, and in October 2010 new legislation was passed to ensure that new boilers installed in domestic homes had to be a minimum of 88% efficient.

Other benefits include the integration of smart controls and being able to remotely access and control your heating system. This allows you to control what heat is being used, even when you are out for the night. Delayed? Or decided to stay out a couple of hours longer? No problem, you can turn your heating down or off so you are not wasting it. New boilers also present fewer breakdown issues and have obvious environmental benefits, but it will still save you money to sign-up for an emergency cover plan.

Contact Emergency Cover for a cover plan for your new boiler

Your boiler is the hardest working appliance in the home, and it is essential for the warmth and comfort of your family, so you need peace of mind that you have qualified personnel on tap 24/7. Breakdowns are less likely for new boilers, but not impossible. Also, regular service and maintenance means your boiler will always be running as efficiently as possible, saving you money every day, and you will be maximising the lifespan of the boiler each time.

Sign-up for a boiler cover plan with Emergency Cover and make sure you are getting the most from your new boiler.

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