How Much Will An Emergency Boiler Repair Cost Me?

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October 2, 2023

How much is a boiler repair

When your boiler stops working it can be traumatic and disruptive. Without warning you can be cold and uncomfortable and unable to do some basic household things. The effect on normal family life can be extremely problematic and you need a fast and reactive solution.

Emergency Cover can provide a local engineer who can be with you within four hours. They will be experienced and fully-accredited and will repair your boiler to a professional standard to get your household back on an even keel.

But we understand that times are hard, and families are feeling the pinch at the moment. We are in the middle of a cost of living crisis and that has led to many families struggling with priorities. When something goes wrong in the home we need to make decisions about how important these things are and whether we really need to get them fixed. However, with a boiler there is no decision to make. A boiler is absolutely critical to the wellbeing of the home and your family, and you must get it repaired ASAP.

At Emergency Cover, we understand that you are facing these difficult financial challenges and hence we have made it really simple to work out how much an emergency boiler repair will cost you.

The cost of an emergency boiler repair

When you first call our team, one of our friendly customer service advisors will speak to you about your boiler problem and try to establish the symptom and how severe the problem is. This will enable us to judge whether you are facing an emergency situation. An emergency is where the problem is dangerous or is causing quite significant damage to your property, such as a gas leak or a water leak. When you are on the phone to our team, it will be established if you require an emergency repair, and if this is the case we guarantee to have an engineer with you within four hours.

  • An emergency repair will cost you £90 for the callout and the first hour of work, and then £45 for each subsequent hour if the repair takes more than one hour to fix. Nine out of ten boiler repairs are completed within two hours. So if the boiler repair takes less than one hour it will cost you £90. If it takes between one and two hours, it will cost you £135.
  • If replacement parts are needed to complete the repair, our engineer will source the best price possible for the part and you will be provided with a fixed quote for the work. This will include the retail price of the part plus the additional time in labour costs, based on the rate above. This price is fixed and will be agreed with you before any parts are purchased or the work is undertaken. Also, if the parts used are included in your warranty you will be able to claim this cost back.

What if my boiler repair isn’t an emergency?

If it is decided that you are not facing an emergency repair situation, we will arrange for local engineers to visit your home and carry out the repair during standard office hours. This will be between 8.00am and 6.00pm.

  • In this instance, the call out charge is £70 for the first hour and £35 for each hour thereafter. Three out of four of our repairs are able to be completed within the first hour, so if there are no new parts required the repair will only cost you £70. If it takes between one and two hours, it will cost you £105.
  • If replacement parts are required, they are sourced and costed on the same basis as for emergency repairs.

So as you can see, booking an emergency boiler repair is really easy and not expensive, and in return you get a great quality service from experienced and qualified boiler engineers, a working boiler and complete peace of mind for the wellbeing of your family.

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