What To Do If You Need A New Gas Boiler

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June 6, 2024

New gas boiler

Many people have seen sensationalist headlines that claim everyone needs to get rid of their gas boilers in 2025, but the reality is not quite so dramatic and nobody has to panic if they are needing to upgrade their gas boiler over the next few years. The Future Homes Standard has the aim of future-proofing new homes with low-carbon technology and does come into effect in 2025, but merely refers to heating and hot water systems in new homes being built from 2025 onwards.  

So what does the Future Homes Standard mean to me?

The UK Government is committed to meeting 2050 net zero targets, but also appreciates that there is a prohibitive cost to some of the low-carbon technologies required to do that. Similarly, there is already legislation in place to ban the manufacture of petrol and diesel vehicles from 2035 (this has recently been put back from 2030), which means vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE) will be phased out from then, to be replaced by electric vehicles and other low-emission vehicles. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t drive an ICE car, or buy a ‘new’ second hand one after 2035, it just means that new ones won’t be made anymore. The Future Homes Standard directive regarding gas boilers is much the same. 

Any new home built in the UK from 2025 onwards will be fitted with a home heating system that uses low-carbon technology. However, there is no legislation in place dictating that people must replace their existing gas boilers, so don’t panic. You can still use your existing gas boiler from 2025 and can still buy a new one for your home, but if you moved into a new home that was built from 2025 onwards, it won’t have a gas boiler.  

Are gas boilers being phased out?

Climate change experts are recommending that the sale of gas boilers is banned from 2033, while the Government had an initial target of 2035, which is likely to be extended to 2040. Nothing has been agreed as of yet, and this is because the Government is aware that many low-carbon technologies are not affordable, and grants and incentives will need to be implemented to make this possible for the millions of homes which will need to make the switch. It is inevitable that gas boilers will stop being sold eventually, but this is at least ten years away, and if you have a relatively new gas boiler at that time, you won’t need to replace it for probably another ten years after that.   

What should I do if I need a new gas boiler now?

Modern gas boilers are much more energy-efficient than previous models and designs, and so an A-rated gas boiler will save you money and be better for the environment compared to an older gas boiler. If you need a new gas boiler you can upgrade to an energy-efficient boiler by contacting Emergency Cover and taking up our new boiler offer. With a new gas boiler installation we can give you 10 years of free boiler servicing, in addition to a free smart thermostat and Vaillant advanced filter. This should have you covered for the next 15 years or more.  

However, there is a clear movement towards using cleaner fuels and alternative heating systems such as biomass boilers and hydrogen boilers. The most common alternative heating source using renewable energy is a heat pump. These can be ground source heat pumps or air source heat pumps, and they work much like an air conditioning system by taking heat from the ground or outside air, and using refrigerants to transform this into usable heat. This heat can be transported around the home to radiators just like your gas boiler does now. Heat pumps can save you up to £1,300 annually on your heating bills, but you may need to look out for current grants and incentives to help you with the cost of installation.  

Expert support on heat pump installations and new gas boiler installations

At Emergency Cover we have specialist sales experts who can advise on the best heating systems for your home. Heat pumps use clean technology and are a better low-carbon alternative to gas boilers, but you do need good thermal insulation in your home for the best energy-efficiency. This is why they are better suited to new homes, hence the Future Homes Standard. 

However, you can retro-fit heat pumps to older properties and you can still upgrade your current gas boiler to a new, energy-efficient gas boiler, so contact our team at Emergency Cover to understand your options and make a solid, informed decision on the best way to go. 

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